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Clients can remain in care with the case manager for as long as the need is apparent. On average MFAP gives out $300,000 per year in direct financial assistance. This is done through the case manager.

Case Management is the principal program of MFAP and serves as the foundation for service delivery. We have twenty different programs at MFAP which include: financial assistance, dental care, medical, medication, food, nutrition, rental assistance, emergency housing, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, transportation, mental health treatment and more. All of these are accessed and delivered via a relationship with your case manager.

The medical case manager interviews the client and together they develop a “Care Plan” which lists and explains the goals and objectives for that client. Together they work to resolve these needs. Upon entering the case management program the client usually has a great number of issues and needs. After working together for a time, this list is reduced and the client case manager relationship becomes less intensive as they enter a maintenance phase.