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Drug User Health​

If interested or know of someone who is interested, please contact.

Erma B. at 203 855 9535 Ex.107

or email at: ebenedetto@mfap.com

Our Drug Treatment Advocate can help connect you to recovery and begin the path to sobriety. If you want to stop the pain and get sober, we will get you access to in-patient or out-patient treatment. For both drug and alcohol abuse.  We can make the process easier by providing:

 Medical Care and Treatment
Food and Supplements

Employment Services

Mental Health Counseling

Safer Use Practices

Abscess or Wound Care

Needle Exchanges

Overdose Prevention Kits

Basic Needs or Social Services


If you are struggling with addiction MFAP wants to help you. Our Drug User Health Program (D.U.H.) can provide you the tools to make your life better. Together with your case-manger you will have a better understanding of your relationship with drugs and ways to improve your quality of life. You will have the knowledge to get sober or to use drugs safely.  Whichever suits you best we can help you with both.

All of us deserve the same level of treatment  regardless of where we are in life. Just because we struggle with addiction does not mean we shouldn't take steps to better our health or even maintain our HIV status. We all have the right, including drug users, to protect our own health and the health of those around us. D.U.H. will reduce the harm due to unsafe drug use. MFAP can also help you access:

Education & Outreach

> Access to Subtance Abuse
> Rehabilitation Programs

> Education about AA/NA meetings including time & locations

> Transportation to appointments

> Literature about recovery

> Substance Abuse Counseling

D.U.H. will provide drug education and information about the services we offer. Our Drug Treatment Advocate can display a presentation to your clients, staff and case management providers about our services and general drug education. Naloxone is a latest weapon in the fight against the opiate overdose epidemic. Our Drug Treatment Advocate can provide training on how to save lives with Naloxone. Please register below:

· Drug Treatment
· Harm Reduction
· Needle Exchange Program
· Overdose Prevention
· Naloxone Kits & Education
· Rehab Facility access
· AA / NA Meeting and Literature