​​- Front Desk Reception:

Job description includes: Answer phone calls, check general voicemail messages, manage the arrival of clients as well as walk ins, stock condoms/reading materials, note staff whereabouts and greet walk-ins who are seeking a free HIV/Hep C test, provide screening form, record test temperatures.

When: Mon: 1pm-4pm / Wed: 1pm-4pm / Thurs: 9am -4pm / Fri: 9am -4pm

Our agency has no paid job openings at the moment. Keep coming back!

We are seeking volunteer help!

If interested please call 203 855 9535 ext. 105

or email: mcisneros@mfap.com

for Max Cisneros​.

Food Drive Team:
Every other month MFAP has a food drive to stock up our food pantry. Job Description Includes: Pass out flyers at the stores entrances. Volunteers will accept any non-perishable items and cash money. Near the end of the drive (10am-4pm) volunteers are asked to help bring the donation items to the office ready for distribution into the pantry on the following Monday.

When: April 7th at the Fairfield Stop and Shop from 10am-4pm