Our Community Partners

As we enter our fifth year at 618 West Avenue, we reflect back on the amazing changes and progress that MFAP has made over that period. In 2013, we became an advocate and server of all homeless men and women in Fairfield County. MFAP became an active member of Opening Doors Fairfield County (ODFC), which spearheads the effort to eradicate chronic homelessness.
MFAP continues to provide rapid tests for HIV and Hep C free of charge. We provide medical case management for over 150 people living with HIV/AIDS and another 50 that we house and case manage as well. In the last year, we distributed over $300,000 for their care and emergency needs. These services include emergency housing, subsidized housing, emergency financial assistance, food security, nutritional counseling (via our registered dietitian), transportation, medical care, oral health and more. In addition we introduced a Drug User Health program with needle exchange, Narcan distribution and education and treatment for addiction.
In 2018, MFAP’s budget increased to $1,300,000 for the year, employing eight staff and serving over four hundred clients. Staff members serve on various agency boards as well as local committees. We are involved in advocacy, client conferencing and meet regularly with political representatives who serve our constituents. We have a wide array of resources, referrals and services that aim to provide our clients with an acceptable standard of living.
The MFAP staff is proud to call TCC and CIRCLE CARE Center, community partners. Together we serve a diverse community that poses many challenges and has many needs. Three organizations acting as one gives us the ability to meet the patient where they are, diagnose their illness and needs and together prescribe care and solve their problems. The model that we follow continues to serve our clients well and we expect to progress even further to provide the innovative care and service that our patients and clients desperately need.
Today on the 30th anniversary of WORLD AIDS DAY, MFAP invites you pay tribute to those whom HIV/AIDS took from us too soon. Let us recognize those who continue to fight for a world free from AIDS. Let us also recognize researchers, providers, and advocates who work each day on behalf of people living with HIV. Honor the precious lives we have lost to AIDS. Most important, after 30 years where discrimination still reigns, together we can forge a future in which no person must know the pain or stigma caused by HIV/AIDS. Together let us make that history.
Thank you.

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