To our generous sponsors, our tireless volunteers, and our fantastic bingo players we say...

  1. A world-wide web and social media thanks. 
  2. A special acknowledgment on the “#GayBingo Welcome Placemat.”
  3. ​Your business sign to display at the event (provided by you).
  4. ​​Promotional announcements of your sponsorship during the evening.

Gay Bingo


Gay Bingo: Pride Party 2017

​​​​​​​​​Our Pride Party Game Sponsors

Triangle Community Center          Helping Hands                    

Tzedakah House                            High Profit Productivity                            Tuliptree Site Design                    Sedona Tap House

Fairfield County Bank                   Why Not Silvias Beauty Salon

CIRCLE CARE Center                    MFAP Board of Directors

Soma Samadhi                             Chris Spiegelman


  1. A world-wide web and social media thanks.
  2. A business card advertisement on the Gay Bingo Welcome Placemat.
  3. ​​A promotional announcement of your business during the donated game.

Our 2017 Bingo Sponsors

Triangle Community Center

Janssen Therapeutics 

Anonymous Donor

​$ 500Bingo Sponsors​

$100Game Sponsors

To sponsor or volunteer @ Gay Bingo please call 

203 855 9535 x105 

 Max can help.