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Emergency Housing!

If you are seeking emergency shelter or crisis intervention, please dial 2-1-1 or visit uwc.211ct.org  

2-1-1 is the centralized housing referral system for Connecticut. 

All persons wishing to stay in shelters or obtain subsidized housing must use this system.

211 schedules your appointment with the nearest shelter where they will put you on the waiting list. 

All people with HIV/AIDS have an opportunity to become a client of MFAP through our case management and referral service. You can access all MFAP benefits & services through your case manager.

Housing is the most needed resource for our clients as they have critically low incomes and can’t afford safe and affordable residence.
MFAP opened our first transitional housing facility called Moore Place, a 10-bed congregate living program established to address the increasing epidemic of homelessness and the growing need for such a facility within the Norwalk area.
In addition, we have installed 83 solar panels in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. In a nutshell, Moore Place is on the cutting edge of several community needs, including fighting homelessness and reducing the effects of HIV stigma, while at the same time remaining environmentally conscious.
Since Moore Place’s grand opening we have housed over 27 residents, seven of whom we have helped transition themselves into autonomous living situations. All of these clients continue to live independently.  Moore Place maintains a 100% success rate for all alumni who have graduated from the program.
MFAP is dedicated to the idea that stable housing is at the core of rebuilding lives providing underprivileged people to ability to improve their own quality of life.
MFAP also subsidizes 30 apartments for individuals and families. Without these programs 52 men, women and children with HIV/AIDS would be homeless, unhealthy and unhappy.
We thank you for your support of our mission and we ask that you continue to help us in any way you can.

     Desmond Cordevez
     Moore Place Program Director
     Mid Fairfield AIDS Project

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Housing Opportunities

MFAP offers the following housing opportunities for our clients

• HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS)

• Moore Place, our transitional housing facility located at 9 Moore Place, for persons who are homeless and disabled.

•Emergency rental assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS​​

 Moore Place's "Housing First" Philosophy provides the tools and foundation they need to rebuild their lives. We offer mental health counseling, medical care, job training and substance abuse treatment, in addition to all of the necessary programs to help them get their lives back. 


To identify homeless-disabled individuals in the greater Norwalk-Westport area that are living in a shelter or a place unfit for habitation. The individual's intent must be to find safe and affordable housing with support services in place that will help them rebuild their lives. Evidence has shown that people who have been homeless for a prolonged period of time, lose their skills and abilities to function and thrive in society.

Moore Place

Moore Place, is open to individuals who are homeless and disabled. It is a congregate living program, housing 10 residents, each in their own furnished room.

​While there is currently no designated time limit for clients remaining at MP, our goal is to move individuals into independent living within 18 months.

Rent is $350 per month, or 30 percent of the client's monthly income. Cable is available in all of the rooms and clients supply and prepare their own meals. Residents are required to attend house meetings and partake in daily chores.

MFAP is committed to the idea that stable housing is the root of making progress in life. As an agency, MFAP  promotes housing services for out clients regardless of health, education, employment status, age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or socio-economic circumstance. All eligible candidates will have unfettered access to high quality, life-extending care, free of stigma and discrimination.