618 West Ave
Norwalk, CT 06850


MFAP began in 1987 as an AIDS Service Organization and has evolved into a comprehensive provider that serves many diverse populations.  We address a myriad of needs that plague very low income men, women, and children. 

Last year MFAP directly helped 150 people living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.  We provided an array of prevention and related services to 200 more clients in the Fairfield County area.  We supported clients with over $300,000 in direct financial aid.  This was done by paying for rents, utilities, food, car repairs, clothing, warm coats, medicines, medical and dental care, counseling sessions, transportation and other bare necessities.

MFAP’s goal is to locate people who are lacking the bare necessities crucial for a successful and happy life.  We then help them get their needs met and help them to rebuild their lives. We have a number of programs to facilitate that process.  We operate “Moore Place”, a ten room transitional living program where previously homeless individuals rebuild their lives.  MFAP provides rent subsidies for 20 individuals and families.  We work with the community to end homelessness and provide case management to ensure that our clients receive the proper and quality of care and support and are treated with dignity and respect.  MFAP has seven staff members that are dedicated to the clients that they serve.

MFAP Mission Statement

To act as a direct and indirect service provider and advocate for all those affected by HIV/AIDS and other co-morbidities; to create lasting solutions to prevent the spread of HIV/HCV, recurring homelessness and addiction through education, prevention programs, collaborations and housing initiatives.