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HIV, Nutrition, & Health

​​Feel like you can’t do it? 
The dietitian can help!

​Think healthy eating is too expensive? The RDN is here to help! The RDN can help you find information on local food resources and work with you to come up with a plan/budget for the grocery store as well as recipes and meal ideas to make the most of your purchases.

MFAPs RDN can help you with meal planning, healthy eating on a budget, label reading and more. A visit with the RDN can provide you with the tools you need
​to plan a healthy meal that can fit your dietary and lifestyle needs. Please contact Christina at MFAP today! 

Linking Nutrition and HIV

      The MFAP nutrition program has been established as a provider of support services to those infected with HIV. The goal of this program is to bring greater awareness to the HIV community about the significance of nutrition and its impact on the disease and those infected with it. Our nutritionist meets with individuals one-on-one to assess their current nutritional status and advises them on the best course of action to develop and improve their nutrition and  well-being.

Lifestyle Changes

The nutritionist can work with you to create realistic and obtainable nutritional goals to aid in the process of managing your life and HIV.  
Nutrition education can be provided on various conditions, including:  

· Diabetes
· Fatigue
· High Blood Pressure
· High Cholesterol
· Weight Management

The nutritionist will discuss intake and conduct a nutritional assessment.

During the visit the client’s nutritional status will be evaluated, 

realistic goals will be set, and accomplishments will be tracked and monitored.

Through the nutrition program clients are able to access a variety services, including:
· Nutritional Supplements
· Vitamins and Minerals
· Non-perishable food pantry
· Shop Rite food cards
· Individual and group nutritional counseling and education

If enrolled in nutritional counseling, clients will meet with our nutritionist every two weeks or once a month - dependent on needs.