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Norwalk, CT 06850


Climate change is a world-wide problem, and it needs a solution.
All over the world, different states, provinces, municipalities, groups and organizations are beginning to develop their own solutions to catastrophic  climate change. They are not waiting for governments to do something.
Rather than follow, many including MFAP, are leading the way by taking  action on their own.

Locally, MFAP helps those who are affected by HIV/AIDS. And, after years of seeing a growing need to house the homeless, MFAP took action by opening Moore Place, our supportive housing facility. Our agency also decided to install an array of 81 solar panels on the roof of Moore Place.

Our organization did not wait for others to create change. We took action, and created change. We ask you to help us provide more positive change in our community. By contributing to our agency and purchasing a solar panel at Moore Place, you are helping those in need. With your generosity, we can  continue to help those who need it most. Yes, climate change is a world wide problem, here we present a local solution where you can help.

 Thank You!