618 West Ave
Norwalk, CT 06850


​​Front Desk Reception

Job description includes: Answer phone calls, check general voicemail messages, manage the arrival of clients as well as walk ins, stock condoms/reading materials, note staff whereabouts and greet walk-ins who are seeking a free HIV/Hep C test, provide screening form, record test temperatures.

When: Mon: 1pm-4pm / Wed: 1pm-4pm / Thurs: 9am -4pm / Fri: 9am -4pm

Volunteer Opportunities

Food Drive Team

Every other month MFAP has a food drive to stock up our food pantry. Job Description Includes: Pass out flyers at the stores entrances. Volunteers will accept any non-perishable items and cash money. Near the end of the drive (10am-4pm) volunteers are asked to help bring the donation items to the office ready for distribution into the pantry on the following Monday.

I became a volunteer at the Mid Fairfield AIDS Project in the summer of 2015. I loved it! Choosing to give back to an agency that has given me so much was an easy decision. Volunteering at MFAP humbles me. Giving back to the community is an expression of my gratitude. The act of gratitude is so much more powerful than simply speaking the words. It is tangible and the rewards are many. When volunteering for MFAP I’m not just saying “I’m so grateful”.  I am showing it.

The volunteer opportunities are: At the front desk between Mondays thru Fridays, this volunteer post directs the flow of visitors by greeting them in person and on the phone; we have special events such as Gay Bingo, the Red Ribbon  Gala, food drives; teaching computer skills to clients, or driving them to appointments. Younger or older, we need people to help us promote and work these events and services.

Whether it’s making copies, filling envelopes, or simply greeting walk-ins who are seeking a free HIV test, you can perform a vital role at MFAP. In the past year we have increased the number of volunteer positions we provide so you can help our organization and therefore our community. We all have different skill sets and ways to contribute to a worthy cause. If you have available time, we would love to have your help. Who knows? You might love it too.

       Max Cisneros     

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