Emergency Funds

Financial aid is available for insurance premiums, medical, dental, pharmaceuticals, substance abuse treatment, rental and utility bill assistance and other direct needs.

Drug User Health

We can help addicts and alcoholics live healther lives and make safer choices. Whether through abstinence or through harm reduction.  Needle exchange, substance abuse treatment and Narcan education and supply are the principle programs

AIDS Drug Assistance

The Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program (CADAP) helps people get much needed medications if they do not have insurance. If they have insurance, CADAP will help pay their medication co-pays for drugs that are on the CADAP formulary.

MFAP Services

HIV Support Group

​Support Groups address the needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS.  Many who are infected with HIV occasionally need a shoulder to lean on or a sympathetic ear. MFAP holds support groups in English and Spanish so that our clients have an opportunity to express their feelings. We invite all who are infected with HIV to take part in this healing process.​

Food Pantry

​​Clients have access to food through MFAP. Food supplies are donated by churches, supermarkets and monthly food drives.

​Each week, clients meet with our registered dietitian and receive a bag of food.

Nutritional Counseling

​This program connects clients with a Nutritional Counselor who will help evaluate health issues such as weight loss, medication side effects and other illnesses. The goal is to achieve an overall sense of health and well being. Clients may receive supplements, Ensure and Food vouchers as well as food from our pantry.  This helps relieve the financial burden they may be under.

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Mental Health Assistance

Short and long-term counseling for people with HIV/AIDS and their families, as well as children.

Health Insurance Help

CT Insurance Assistance Program (CIPPA) for HIV/AIDS Patients. This insurance program pays the COBRA premium of extended employer health insurance to people who leave their jobs.   It also pays for marketplace insurance for anyone that meets the requirements.


Assistance in finding and maintaining affordable housing and providing referrals and direct financial subsidies.

Computer Access

Computer buddies are available to provide assistance in accessing the internet, as well as other computer training. Books, videos, journals and magazines about HIV/AIDS are available through this program.

Case Management

All clients enter MFAP through the case management model. Individuals meet with a case manager for a preliminary assessment. Afterwards, they work together to build a specialized care plan towards effectively utilizing each of our services.